our mission

To build a community with the help of volunteers, for those who are undergoing a turbulent period of psychological opening and transformation. 

spiritual emergence

When personal transformation becomes crisis. We provide support and resources to help make meaning of and integrate a crisis experience, resulting in the relief of suffering and more positive outcomes.  


Our name Antarabhav is a Sanskrit word that denotes the region between life and death. This name was chosen because of the many similarities between Spiritual Emergence and the process of death and rebirth as denoted in the Tibetan book of the Dead.

What is spiritual emergence

i need help

Experiencing spiritual emergency. Tools, techniques and resources for individuals. 

We cater to your needs

a family member

My loved one experiencing crisis of a spiritual transformation. Tools to assist them and enjoy the awakening.

Our mission

a therapist

Guiding sensitives through movements of transition? Join our community of mental health professionals.

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