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Spiritual Emergence

The term Spiritual Emergency was first introduced by Stansilav and Christina Grof in their paper “Spiritual Emergency. This Emergency is characterized by a feeling of being overwhelmed, which can manifest itself in various forms, not least suicidal thoughts and destructive behavior. The paper describes the best course of action in such a situation: proper eating, proper sleep, and avoiding putting oneself into dangerous situations. Self-compassion is also a key element on the road to recovery.

  • Are you feeling uncomfortable, disturbed mentally or emotionally drained
  • Are you shutting down yourself in social situations and feeling detached?
  • Are you having problems controlling yourself, having addictive and troubling behavior patterns?
  • Are you feeling that time spent with professional therapists have no effect?
  • Are you having relationship difficulties despite the fact that you are making a real concerted effort?

Emerging Proud – Reframing mental distress
Shades of Awakening Group – This Facebook group is to provide a rich forum for discussion on the topics of Spiritual Emergence(y) (SE) and spiritual crisis
Awakened Kundalini Support – Support in the Kundalini and Awakening process

Websites to visit:

What to do in a Spiritual Emergency? – ‘A spiritual emergency involves the sudden collapse of one’s habitual ego and customary sense of reality and an opening to a different reality.’

Practical Advice for a Spiritual Emergency – ‘To see your crisis as part of a ‘breakdown to breakthrough’ process can help to give a sense of hope.’

Collection of YouTube videos on Spiritual Emergency

Loner Wolf – ‘Your life perspective has changed drastically.’

A Spiritual Emergency is different for everyone, but one thing is the same for all of us; when we are in crisis we can feel as though everything is falling apart –‘This guide aims to give you some simple but vital tools that can help you to stay safe and manage your process to ‘emerge’ out of your crisis.’

The Dharma Overground – ‘A resource for the support of practices that actually lead to beneficial, fundamental mental, perceptual and emotional transformations.’

EPRC – A team of experts with a huge range of specialist subjects.


Emerging Proud – An excellent documentary by Katie Mottram

Spiritual Emergency – Kaia Nightingale – Ground breaking documentary with fascinating accounts of six people’s extraordinary spiritual awakening experiences

FINDING JOE – A story about Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey


Books to read

The Stormy Search for the Self – Christina Grof and Stanislav Grof, M.D – Christina and Stanislav Grof, the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of spiritual emergence, draw on years of dramatic personal and professional experience with transformative states to explore these “spiritual emergencies,” altered states so powerful…

In Case of Spiritual Emergency – Catherine G Lucus – Personal stories of spiritual crises are presented alongside practical and effective guidance in this exploration of a fascinating phenomenon. When spiritual emergencies, such as mystical psychosis and dark nights of the soul, are understood, managed, and integrated, they can…

The Secret Spiritual World of Children – Tobin Hart PhD – Many children experience some form of divine union, see visions, or have an inkling of ephemeral truth and wisdom—connections to the spiritual world that they often cannot articulate. If overlooked or ignored, a child’s spiritual development quickly fades or disappears …

The Power of Notes – Nicole Gruel, PhD – The Power of NOTEs is a self-empowerment guide for experiencers of NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences). NOTEs include spiritual awakening, near-death, mystical, kundalini, paranormal, peak, psychedelic, visionary, out-of-body, dark-night…